Manufacturers of Technical Engineering and Specialist Glass Components
Due to our continued program of development and investment J. B. Treasure have the capacity to offer a wide range of glass processing operations.

Quality Assurance:
All products are manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Processing is carried out using the latest machinery which is purpose built using our own in house design and development skills or specially designed and built to our requirements by the leading glass processing equipment manufacturers.

Special processing can also be offered using a wide range of hand skills from our experienced workforce.The following processing facilities are available and we are happy to give technical advice on request.

Borosilicate Glass:
Used in Sight Glasses, diffusers and safety applications. It is used in the chemical, lighting, heating and optical industries.

Toughened Glass:
With two toughening plants including a specialist vertical plant, we are able to toughen and heat strengthen small dimensional glasses as well as standard sizes from 2mm to 25mm thick. We also are able to toughen small glass bends and components.

Gauge Glass and Tubular Glasses:
Diameters range from 6mm up to 300mm for use as boiler sight glasses, level indicators and in sight flow indicators.

Ceramic Glass:
Zero expansion glass with high mechanical strength used in heating and lighting applications for temperatures up to 700 degC.

Glass Processing:
Cutting to tight tolerances, edge grinding and polishing, drilling and slotting, specialist bending, sandblasting and screenprinting.

High Temperature and Special Glass Products:
Quartz and Fused Silica materials suitable for Temperatures up to 1200 deg C, X Ray glass and coloured glass.

Fire Resistant Glass:
Glasses which if correctly glazed will offer fire resistance up to 2 hours and insulation.

Water Jet Cutting:
Stress free cutting of almost any material, limited additional finishing required, large or small quantities, application and prototype work.

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ISO 9001